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The DevaCut is a special technique for cutting curly, wavy or coily hair. The ‘Deva’ cut is about making each curl look its best, in its natural habitat. It is more than just finding a way to “tame” the curls and includes educating clients on

unique ways for styling their curls. We encourage our curly haired clients to give the Deva Curl way a try!


Who is the deva curl good for? 

This technique is good for anyone with a curl pattern to their hair, whether that is wavy or coily and anywhere in between. The goal is to create shape and avoid frizz where the curls live without stretching the curl pattern.


What is Pintura Highlighting? 

Pintura Highlighting is when you create multi-dimensional highlighting with no foil. Similar to balayage this is a free-hand painting technique that creates precision and accuracy. This is better for curly hair due to a traditional foil can get lost in the hair while with this technique, the stylist handpicks pieces to highlight. 


Not sure about the cut yet but looking to learn more about styling your curly hair? 

The Transformation Service would be perfect for you! Come in with our DevaCurl stylist and learn tips and tricks on how to wash and style. During this service, we will wash and style your hair while showing you what products are best for you. 


How do I prep for my haircut? 

askyouWecome in with detangled dry hair, that is prewashed the day before and with minimal product. This is key so the stylist can see how your curls lay on the daily basis. 




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