our mascots.

Ike, Kapri + Bentley

Katelyn + Brandon opened Rooted, it was a no-brainer to bring Ike every day to the salon.  They rescued him four years ago + Ike brought extreme happiness to all of our clients + staff with his cute face. When Ike came to the salon, you would find him in his bed where he faces the front doors, taking an occasional lap around the salon, or standing under everyone's feet for snacks! Although he became quite the beggar from all the attention of the clients, the salon was complete with him. In April 2020, Ike crossed the rainbow bridge but left a paw on our hearts. We will forever be grateful for the time we had with him.

 Ike passed the torch down to his sister, Kapri after extensive training + we must say she did a tremendous job. Kapri is the happiest little girl + loves to shower you in kisses! In April 2021, Kapri was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was causing issues with incontinence and motor skills. We know she is now in a better place, running free and eating all the red-colored treats she can dream of. We asked her to give Ike a special message and let him know we miss him dearly.

Bentley took over the job and has been absolutely loving being at the salon! You can find him jumping on peoples laps during blowouts or cuddling in the sun with our guests at the shampoo bowl.